Household Water System Chart

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Central Constant Pressure Water Supply System

   Scientific allocation of water separator makes water more stable- The system realizes one-to-one correspondence between the water distribution point and water point through one whole pipe. Besides, it realizes zero interference and no joint between water points in use and maintenance. Therefore the system is safer. By using water separator technology, each water is separated while having a whole pipe; We also use flexible pipe can be used to make the bending easier. There is no joint in the middle of the pipeline, which makes the concealed pipeline safer and reduces the hidden danger of water leakage.

    More convenient construction- There is no need to use pipe fittings in a single water supply system pipeline. This saves a lot of welding time, compared with the traditional pipeline. There is no contact in the concealed part of the single pipe water supply pipeline. It is only necessary to install overhaul openings in the water splitter to facilitate waterway control and overhaul.

    Energy saving and environmental protection- Small caliber, water saving, water diverter system than the traditional pipeline saving about 20%.

     Special raw materials and stable performance- Our company use medical grade 316L stainless steel raw materials production, stable performance; service life of up to 100 years, unique production process so that the pipe to maintain the best performance of the special raw materials.