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AnHui Ankaite Pipe Industry Co,. Ltd. situations in Hefei, a beautiful city in the coast of Chaohu Lake, also known as The City of Science and Technology in China. Our company started as Anhui Ankaite Electronic Technique Co, Ltd. We are founded in 2012, specializing in the research and development of high-end home decoration stainless steel pipes. In 2018, Anhui Ankaite Electronic Technique Co., Ltd. invest over 30 million yuan to establish AnHui Ankaite Pipe Industry Co,. Ltd.. Our company adheres to the product research and development concept of high-end manufacturing,and adopts high-grade 316L (a medical grade that can implant into the human body) stainless steel as the material. AnHui Ankaite Pipe Industry Co,. Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of high-end stainless steel home decoration corrugated pipe system. As a modern enterprise specializing in producing high-end stainless steel home-mounted bellows, we shall continuously be using advanced equipment and mature technologies to innovate and improve stainless steel pipeline. We shall keep fighting for Chinese drinking water health.

      By using mature technology and advanced enterprise management experience, AnHui Ankaite Pipe Industry Co,. Ltd. has become one of the most influential enterprises in stainless steel home-improvement piping system and has taken the lead in formulating enterprise standards in China. Products have been widely used in villas, hotels, residential, and direct drinking water system supporting. Through years of cooperation with universities and technology importation, Ankaites products have reached the advanced international level through educational demonstration, advanced equipment testing and products. All technical indicators are higher than similar products, laying a solid foundation for Ankaites brand. Relying on ADELAIDEs years of research and development experience and technical advantages in the British stainless steel industry, it has made significant contributions to the safe application and health popularization of Ankaite drinking water pipeline system in China. As always, Weshall be people-oriented, focusing on the production of stable performance, technology-leading international products, to serve the Chinese people, and strive for the healthy drinking water of the Chinese people.

AnHui Ankaite Pipe Industry Co,. Ltd. —— Continuous Efforts forDrinking Water Health


We are committed to improving the quality of drinking water and ensuring quality of life.

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